Spent quite a few hours today debugging a client’s VPN connection. I knew the problem within 15 minutes of looking at things, but couldn’t seem to make the logical leap necessary to actually fix it. After futzing around with a stupid number of different fixes, I fell back to “KISS” (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and had it fixed in a few minutes. That should make this week go much better.

Jeremy called this afternoon to get some tips on cooking steak. Kara called in the morning to see if she could spend $20 to join a Women in Engineering club. Justin slept in late this morning and had a great time seeing a friend’s puppy.

I spent a little time modifying my outdoor table design. I need to run over to Home Depot and purchase some wood to complete it.

Nothing else too exciting today. I did make potatoes this morning, but only I ate them. I really need to get out and exercise but the air quality in LA is so bad I don’t really want to go running right now.